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vw club camping vw white noise

Club Camping at VW Whitenoise is an exclusive area for VW Clubs, close to our main arena and is pre-book only.

There are three price tiers for camping tickets:

  • Earlybird tickets – SOLD OUT
  • Low price tickets - on sale now (last chance for cheap family passes and limited Thurs-Sun)
  • and Saver price tickets – online and through local retailers (tbc)

white noise discountThere is an exclusive online offer of 10 adult tickets for the price of 9  for VW Club Camping only.

Space does not have to be booked in one go, there are no separate forms to fill in or emails to send. Just ‘Buy Tickets‘ through our website and select the Club Camping option. Near the very end of the booking process you will asked for your Club name. 

A minimum of 10 camping pitches must be booked in total by your club members before the end of July 2017 to qualify for a Club pitch.* After bookings close we tally up how made pitches and people have booked with your Club, reserve you the space and you just turn-up! 

Your camping pitch pass tickets are only valid with your per person tickets for the days you have booked, either Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th August or Friday 4th – 6th August. 

*No space will be reserved in Club Camping but your tickets will be valid for General or Family Camping on the days you have booked.  

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    1. admin Post author

      Hi, you book your club camping through our See Tickets website under the ‘club camping’ opinion on the days in which you want to camp. You have to make sure you have at least 10 camping pitch passes by the time the advance tickets sell out to make sure you qualify for the pitch.


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