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A truly independent Motoring, Arts and Music festival that doesn’t work to a formula and excels with diverse live music, a beautiful Estate venue at Euston Hall on the Norfolk/Suffolk border and unrivalled FREE activities for children, which have included totem-pole making and trombone lessons! Our 16th shindig is from 9-12 August 2018.

Lucy Haughey

With our first camper van Elvie. Bought in 2001 for just £600. Those were the days! Pictured at Brighton Breeze 2008.

We were the very first VW and Music Festival established in Norfolk over 15 years ago with very much our own Festival style. This was way before the popular CarFest concept was born! We are a local couple and bought our first VW Camper back in 2001. We currently own a ’71 early bay called Mrs Butterworth, a ’71 Fiat 124 called the ‘Grandad car’ and have transformed a battered, Danish MKP Smutti caravan into what now accidently resembles an ice-cream parlour! We grew up camping and love good music and theatre.We spend all year planning the show in every moment of our spare time with most of our family mucking in during the weekend.

We get congratulated on our diverse affordable VW festival food every year! We welcome well-behaved pooches, have a thriving bicycle culture and even sometimes Frank Spencer wandering our site or a trapeze performance!

The final day of VW Whitenoise culminates with an impressive ‘show n shine’ which attracts hundreds of motoring competitors. Top notch examples of the best-loved and rare VWs  – from splitscreens to karmann ghias – to top class, modern day VW golfs, T4s and T5s and welcome an eclectic mix of vehicles with rewards for Best Rod and Wildest Ride.

Previous venues have included Fritton Lake, Wolterton Hall, North Walsham Rugby Club and the Norfolk Showground. The event’s popularity has seen it outgrow many venues and it’s new home is perfectly placed on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, just 85 miles from London, close to Thetford and accessed via the newly dualled A11; making a speedy difference to the journey since 2017!

Email: info@vwwhitenoise.com This email address is only checked intermittently until 2018.

Trade pitches are offered to loyal 2017 traders/caterers first, at the end of January. From February 2018 trade pitch applications are open to all.

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