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Thank you all

thanksThanks to everyone who rocked up to VW Whitenoise and was part of making it such a very lovely one! We put our hearts and souls and every free minute of our time into organising it throughout the year (we have day jobs) putting on the event we’d like to go to, that reflects the things we love.

We just could not manage the music without Matt Dove and his team, the trade area without Baz Craske, the kids area without my mum, Bridget Macdonald, the show n shine and displays without Ricky and Noel and numerous other elements without some amazing folk. Big thanks to United Dubbers, Deluxe Metalwork and SET for massive Club support and the incredible support from main sponsor MKM Building Supplies Norwich. Even our eldest daughter worked her first Whitenoise this year.

We work hard each year to improve and address any issues so will be listening to constructive feedback closely, including improving disabled access. Once the site is clear and the dust has settled (and I can type with more than one hand) we’ll be back.

The Lost Property page will be up online asap and confirmation of our charity fundraising figure for Fresh Start-new beginnings, plus all the winners pics and tons of images and videos. Enjoy the rest of your summer wherever it takes you.

Best wishes and thanks from us both,

Neil and Lucy